The band "Avelina"

The band “Avelina” sought to create a unique sound that blends traditional folk music with elements of ritual and the occult..
Avelina started as a solo project created by S.Aleksandrovska (singer/songwriter) and after a while the flame that was lit brought four more people into the project, therefore a band was born.

After the released single “Izvor” (Source) an album got released “Od Ekot Na Predokot” (From the Echo of Ancestors). With “Izvor” the band got recognition from the Macedonian underground scene and had it’s first concert in the venue “MKC”. As they began to perform at local festivals and gatherings, the band quickly gained a devoted following, thanks in part to their captivating live performances, which often featured elaborate costumes and ritualistic movements.

The band had collaborations with sufi dancer Sevil Kara and International dancer Miriam Peretz, as well as with Goran Trajkovski, the composer for the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film “Before the rain”



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